Involuntary Memory

1422 1829 1702

1422 1829 1702, HD Video, 2:35, 2019

1422 1829 1702 is a performative video that explores the memories associated with physical locations of my past, present and future.  More specifically, I am utilizing feet (both figuratively and literally) as a unit of measurement to navigate through my grandmother’s, my mother’s, and then my own home.  Every carpet, rug, wood panel, tile and floor covering is meticulously measured, as I pace each inch with my feet.  As I walk these homes, the floor plans become permanently ingrained in my memory, inch by inch, solidifying the connection between my family and I, no matter the distance.  Each home segment can be seen as a parallel world to where I currently am, and reminds me that my past and present will always be a part of me heading into the future.