Involuntary Memory


1829, Projection Mapped Video and Embroidery, 2:14, 2021

1829, is a performative video of both myself and my mother tracing and measuring my childhood home with our feet, which are used literally as a unit of measurement.  I performed this measured walk pre-pandemic when all were able to visit each other in order to ingrain the floor plan of the home into my memory, and to solidify my connection to the physical space.  Now that we are distant from each other, my mother performed the same walking action, 2 years later.  The space has changed, and with my father’s passing the people have changed too, but the floor plan remains the same, steady material thing, grounding us and uniting my mother and I from afar.  These two performances are blended together to display this unity.  The audio is a haunting track of distant memories that these walls contain.  This performance is then projected onto an embroidered floor plan of my childhood home.  Projected onto the floor plan is archival footage of my younger self inhabiting each of these spaces in the distant past.