Involuntary Memory

Disjointed Fragments

Disjointed Fragments, HD Video and Sound, 9:58, 2018

Disjointed Fragments explores the range of emotions coming from a single human, from extreme intensity to nostalgia, to passion to loss and longing. The work is constructed into two opposing sections as well as an intro and an outro. The first section, Nostalgia, draws from feelings of the past and reminisces on close people from before as well as memories of good feelings. This blissful section, suddenly spirals out of control, and enters a loop feedback which becomes saturated. As the next section, Ecstasy, begins, the viewer then feels a disconnection from what is considered reality and can’t recognize their surroundings. This sensation dissolves towards the end and then the viewer is brought back to a version of the original place. This is a state of euphoria, that becomes overflown, with everything ending in silence and dark.

Video by Katina Bitsicas and Music Composition By Carolina Heredia