Enduring Impermanence

Enduring Impermanence and πάντα ῥεῖ (Panta Rhei), 2021, Photographic digital transparency prints, 58.5 feet by 13 feet (Permanent installations at the NextGen Precision Health Institute, Columbia, MO)

In Loving Memory of George Bitsicas

Enduring Impermanence combines archival scientific footage and a liquid light show technique using an old overhead projector to design the image that was printed as large transparent digital print, installed on a lightbox wall. The colorful patterns of the liquid light show, an activity I would create with my father as child, are combined with various archival images of magnified cross-sections of mantle cell lymphoma. The organic blobs of colored oil mimic cellular mitosis throughout the body, and the spread of disease.  This project is a way to display something that is beautiful and brings joy, but also approaches the reality of what our bodies can do to us.  This installation at the NextGen Precision Health Institute creates something permanent out of the cancer cells that caused my father’s impermanence and becomes a way of making something that will outlive him.