Exposed, 6 Channel HD Video, cloth, 5:36, 2012

The video installation Exposed is comprised of a series of videos as well as a projection on my body and conveys my varied memories of a traumatic event from my past. Over time, I noticed my memories of this event changing as well as some portions being blocked out. Every time I attempted to recollect this event, my mind morphs the memory into multiple manifestations of itself. In the series of videos, each one conveys an emotion or distinct visual materialization of this trauma. The performance portion consists of myself wrapped in sheets with a small projection onto my body. This projection symbolizes a way to free myself from this trauma by unwrapping my past, and leaving just my pure self behind. By keeping the black cloth in my arms, this represents myself being forever changed by this event. By experiencing these videos in a series, the viewer gains a collective understanding not only of the trauma, but of the way in which my memory works as well.