How long after this before I’m gone?

How long after this before I’m gone?, Interactive AR, Sound, Charcoal Drawing, 24” by 18”, infinite duration, 2021

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How long after this before I’m gone? is an interactive AR project featuring a digital drawing of mantle cell lymphoma cells, the type of cancer my father passed away from.  The user can activate each section of the digital cell by tapping on it, which then plays a quote from my father.  Throughout my father’s illness, I recorded our conversations for hundreds of hours.  As his illness progressed, his thoughts became more scrambled and he began to lose touch with reality.  There are 32 total audio sections that the user can interact with, which is a small selected sample of the most poingient points of our conversations.  Each of these sections gives the user an inside look into the thought process of someone coping with a terminal illness.  The interactivity allows the viewer to delve into the topic of death at their own pace.