Luci: the Girl with Four Hearts

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Luci: the Girl with Four Hearts by Katina Bitsicas with Luci Cook tells Luci’s story, a recipient of three heart transplants, at ages 11, 23, and 28. Luci has now graduated college and is pursuing their PhD. They have a fear of wasting time since they are not a candidate for a fourth heart transplant. Conversation about the trauma and PTSD involved with transplants is seen as taboo, and they have been told numerous times that they should just be grateful to be alive. Artist Katina Bitsicas formed a collaboration with Luci to provide them the ability to reclaim their traumatizing hospital experiences and share their journey with others. This artist book is created from a combination of Luci’s large archive of videos, photographs, writings and drawings documenting their medical journey and the sculptural, video, installation, and photographic based works Katina created visually interpreting different parts of their story. The project integrates all of these pieces of their story into one cohesive narrative, including their childhood Make a Wish trip, DIY punk days, body suspension, BDSM, cam-work, traveling and of course the multiple hospital stays. The book is divided into four sections, one for each of the hearts that have lived inside of their body.

I am forever grateful to Luci for entrusting me with their story and archive of medical and personal material to enable the creation of a body of artistic work and this artist book. Thank you for believing in me to translate your story through my artistic vision. I feel privileged to call you my friend.

This project includes illustrations and writings from Tobi C., including the cover illustration, writings, drawings and photographs from Luci Cook, and design contributions from Cate Willis.