Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts

Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts, Video, 8:11, 2019

Luci Cook is the recipient of three heart transplants, at ages 11, 23, and 28.  She is now 31, finishing college and has a fear of wasting time since she is not a candidate for a fourth heart transplant.  Conversation about the trauma and PTSD involved with transplants is seen as taboo, and she has been told numerous times that she should just be grateful to be alive.  Through direct collaboration with Luci, I aim for these works to create the room to discuss these issues and provide Luci the ability to reclaim her traumatizing hospital experiences.  She also describes how each donor’s heart feels different and has a different personality depending on the donor, which is explored in the film Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts.  This film is divided into three sections, one for each donor, and visually reflects the feeling and location of each heart.