In my creative practice I explore personal loss and trauma through video, installation, photography and performance to make parallels between these experiences.  My multimedia works revolve around the theme of bringing back to life, while the afterlife is still looming near.  The overarching theme is how we as humans can connect via shared experiences and make meaning of these experiences.  Metaphors, such as red thread, are used as symbols for loss and the longing for connection.  Often times these works are created or installed in the natural environment, making parallels between the human body/systems and these unseen systems/structures within nature.  I see the power in nature being able to bear witness to the remnants of these life experiences.

Another part of my research is providing Digital Storytelling workshops to individuals who are recently bereaved as a meaning making intervention.  Participants create their own digital story projects using both archival and newly created images to make meaning of their loss.  This research is funded through BJC Hospice in St. Louis and the University of Missouri Department of Family and Community Medicine. Through this research, I am able to see direct results with the participants and myself through the power of storytelling and art; mediums that I also use to process my own traumas.