In Memoriam

In Memoriam

The months preceding my father’s death I documented the experience as his caregiver. The resulting work celebrates the life of my father through performance and installation.

Aliens From The Sky

Aliens from the sky

Through documentary and installation, Aliens from the Sky advocates for the decriminalization of sex work in South Africa and for providing protection, safety, and justice for survivors.

Blood Meal

Blood Meal

This multimedia performance illustrates the lifecycle of an organism by bringing the grotesqueries of organic development into focus, achieving immortality paradoxically within its demise.


Artificial Memories

Artificial Memories explores how we experience memories that are not our own, but through story or generational inheritance, we process them as our own over time.

Enduring Impermanence


MCL reflects on what it means to be human in the post-human era through the lens of medical technology, which began as a way to process my father’s cancer diagnosis.



REVIVE takes inspiration from historic building renovation as a metaphor for the life story of Luci, a recipient of three heart transplants and the trauma associated with these medical issues.


Self-Contained City

Self-Contained City references the Kirkbride State Hospital plans through its architecture as well as the stigma behind mental disorders to analyze mental health from a historical perspective.

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Involuntary Memory

Involuntary Memory utilizes mapping techniques to explore memory, whether that be through performative walking, measured installation, or replayed experiences.

Confound Acts

Confound Acts

Through the analysis of adolescent memories as well as court evidence, I aim to gain clarity and relay the familial impact of the act of murder perpetrated by a childhood friend.

Hypnagogic Regression


IT displays recreated simulations of the multiple flashbacks that occur of specific traumas in my past through video, photography, and performance as way to re-piece together the memories.



Wavelength explores our Earth’s water from bountiful oceans to minuscule specimen jars, reflecting upon the resources’ seemingly limitless nature and how this is interpreted through technology.

Prairies and Antiquities

Prairies and Antiquities

Prairies and Antiquities explores the history and natural landscape of the historic Woodneath Home in Kansas City, MO by projection mapping new and archival photographs and videos onto the house.